a-different-buchanan sent: your url makes me happy. bless you, precious human being

Why thank you, I’m glad you like it.

Mark’s butt makes me happy, obviously.

sweetdreamstinydancer-deactivat sent: I want to kiss Mark Ruffalo all over and I don't know I figured you were the best person to tell this to

Well, thank you for confiding in me, I’m flattered.

(psst: I do, too.)


If Mark Ruffalo reads through his tag, I would like him to know that many, many people appreciate his really nice butt and he totally should not be afraid to show it off more often.

Just by the way.

ALPHA starring Mark Ruffalo (x)


this kiss though

severusalways sent: He has an ASSk! Just type /ask at the end of the url.

He does! I sent him one a few weeks ago. :)

He doesn’t have anon though and there ain’t no way I’m telling about this blog with my URL attached to it my identity must remain a secret